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-Now also available in Chinese and Spanish


 LATE NEWS - just awarded

- as selected by the Institute of Management. 
and- Now the TOP SELLING Organizational COACHING BOOK in the USA (North America's Top 10 Bestselling Human Resources Books List - compiled by Books for Business (world's largest business bookstore) and in Europe ( Top 30 Business Books) 



"...the most comprehensive coaching book yet authored on the contemporary involvement of coaches in the business and executive development world." Dr. Rey Carr - Peer Coaching Resources - Canada.

"...awesome - it's the best one on the market."  Dr. Freda Turner - University of Phoenix  

"One of the best books on coaching. Highly recommended."  Editor - Stern's Management Review

"Possibly the most comprehensive organizational coaching reference on the market today, The complete guide to coaching at work is aptly named. Content 8/10 Readability 9/10."  The HR Insider

"Dr. Skiffington's coaching book is the first text that provides practical steps in applying the model of coaching... and her elite Master Certified Coach courses continue the process 10 steps further."
Dr. H. Blundall - ICM Global Training Director.

    ... Master Certified Coach Training Course ..  

A timely and important reference book: This best selling coaching book provides a concise, step-by-step blueprint for successful coaching methods, models and tools. The co-authors Perry Zeus and Dr. Suzanne Skiffington share their wealth of research, professional knowledge and experience as successful Master Coaches and educators.

The groundbreaking text contains scores of illuminating case studies and insights into how to permanently enhance personal and organizational effectiveness, performance and growth. 

To gain the competitive edge in today's world  the individual, group and organization must be able to continually evolve. Coaching today is the key agent for achieving sustainable change.

The book has received worldwide critical acclaim and is already a popular course reference text in many universities, colleges, private coaching schools and numerous Fortune 500 companiesí internal training/coaching programs.

    Some Contents:

   Some Issues:

  • History of Coaching.
  • Types of Coaching.
  • Coaching compared to therapy, work place counseling, training, management consulting and  mentoring.
  • Who can Coach.
  • Characteristics of a successful coach.
  • Life Coaching.
  • Business Coaching.
  • Executive Coaching.
  • Manager as Coach.
  • Team Coaching.
  • Coaching Skills and Issues.
  • Coaching Models.
  • Coaching Tools.
  • Strategic Goal setting and developing an Action Plan.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Learning.
  • Coaching as Change.
  • Coaching in Call Centres.
  • Career Coaching.
  • Sales Coaching.
  • Customer Service Coaching.  
  • Coaching practices that
     lead to measurable and accountable results.

  • The barriers to the successful implementation of coaching programs.

  • How to design a coaching program for your group or organization.


Latest Reviews


"..this democratic style of exploring, learning and transferring knowledge is a boom industry. The authors, international coaching experts, go into the discipline's history and basic principles before advising on how coaching can be used to change or develop organizations. There's advice on choosing the right coach, and how accomplished professionals can become external coaches and  how managers can become internal coaches, techniques to ensure coaching is effective and dozens of case studies on how it has worked in practice. There's also analysis of related activities such as mentoring, training and counseling and various industry or business sectors where coaching has been successfully applied. This book will be of most use to people working in the Human Services field or to managers, team leaders, trainers, consultants or practitioners who have a coaching brief."

Institute of Management -Journal 
"...Behind this book's unassuming cover there lies a thorough, wide-ranging, lucid and practical discussion of one of today's most vital but misunderstood HR disciplines.."   

Peer Coaching Resources.  - Dr. R. Carr 
This book, written in non-academic prose and strewn with practical examples, is the most comprehensive book yet authored on the contemporary involvement of coaches in the business and executive development world. The book can serve as both a reference text for experienced coaches and a "how-to" book for coaches seeking instruction. The book is also appropriate for those who want to make decisions about using coaches or establishing a coaching culture or academics or trainers seeking a primary text on coaching for use in an educational setting.."  

HR & Training Newsletter
" essential reading for all current and potential coaches, all individuals managing people and those looking for their own private coach." 

  Publisher: McGraw-Hill Book Company

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