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Below is Old Form -(Under Construction)
For New Form See: 2009 Course Location, Dates and Fees




 Master Coach Certification Course Form 
- for individuals who wish to practice 'world-best' standard professional coaching. -read below

  Strategic Partners License Form.
- for individuals/organizations who wish to provide (In-House or 
External) Coach training courses developed by Dr Skiffington


Australasia: more

USA: more

Canada: more

UK and Europe: more


Other regions can apply.

"How to become Best of the Class...Dr. Suzanne Skiffington and Perry Zeus were early pioneers in the coaching field. After establishing one of the regions most successful coaching practices, then writing the ultimate text book reference on coaching skills they now mentor professional coaches from all around the globe"  
- News of the World

- Dr Skiffington invites expression of interest from qualified parties. All information received is strictly confidential and will not be viewed or shared with any third party.

Getting Started:

Submission of Interest Form:

By submitting this form you are only registering your interest in the availability of the next course place within your region.

Step: 2  
Preliminary Call: 

Upon receipt of the below 'Registration of Interest Form' we email you and arrange for you to speak with Perry Zeus (Course Registrar and course designer). Perry then calls you, at an appointed time, to: a) confirm the latest available course dates, b) explain how the professional development courses work and, c) answer any questions you have.

Step: 3  
Application Form: 

Enrollment. Note: Only upon a mutually successful outcome of the interview would the applicant be invited to apply for a place in a course and be personally trained and certified by Dr Skiffington.  A Course Application Form is emailed to you for a specific course date/place

Step: 4  
Application Deadline/ Enrollment

At the end of each week all signed Course Applications (for the limited dates/places available) faxed to us are reviewed by an Admittance panel headed by Dr Skiffington. You will be notified of your admission status within one week of your formal application. 


  -To take the first step, simply complete this online Registration of Interest Form :

 ***Complete all fields***


 - Firstly, how did you hear about us? 

 a) Internet search? -Yes Which search engine?

 b) Referral: (graduate, colleague etc)

 c) Other: (From book etc)

- Secondly, have you read the introductory text book 'The Complete Guide to Coaching at Work'?  (Coaching can be different things to different people. The text provides a good introduction to business and personal coaching and serves as preparatory reading for all of our courses. Our students find the text book is a great way of ensuring that they have the same technical definition/understanding of the basic key coaching terms and phrases as used in the course. ) 

   - Yes, I have read the book!

   - No, not yet..

   - I will be ordering the text upon completing this form >See here for online book outlets


     Your Contact Information

Company Name : 

 Contact Name : 

Address and Zip : 

State and Country : 

Home & Biz Tel #'s : 

Email : 

Web Site : 

    Your Profile


Yrs in Vocation:

Your Business Name: 

Type/Size of Business: 

Professional / Educational Background:

Some of your core competencies that suit you for coaching:

Your exposure to coaching:

What do you want to achieve through coaching?

   Masters Level Certification Course. Select from 3 format options to register interest for:            

   - delivered to you by Dr. Skiffington: 
A - One to One,  B - Small Group or C - In-House (Group) 

Option A
  4 Day One-to-One Registered Behavioral Coach Course includes all Coaching Tools, Coaching Forms, Resources etc. Note: Course fee covers any travel and accommodation costs etc by Dr Skiffington but excludes the cost and arrangement of the course venue which is the responsibility of the participant.

 - Nominate your preferred location where the course will be delivered to you: -

  - North America,  (State and City)  -$us5,950

   - Australia, Sydney -$A5,950   

   - Asia, (Region and City)  -$us5,950

  - Europe and Rest of world,  (Country & City)  -$us5,950

   -Plus Follow-on Course (Monthly) Mentoring (3 one hour sessions per month) with Dr. Skiffington  

    - with 1 month client management and business practice support at $600 per month or,

    - with 3 months client management and business practice support at $600 per month or,

    - with 6 months client management and business practice support at $600 per month  



Option B
- 4 Day small, Peer Group Master Coach Course:
- $3,950
plus required Mentoring (select period from below* ). - All course fees are in US Dollars -except when courses are held in Australia where they are in Australian Dollars.    
 - strictly limited for qualified persons who: a) have similar training needs, b) desire to immediately establish their own coaching network of peer professional coaches and, c) like to learn via small group interaction/group role-play etc.  
Latest Course venue locations and dates etc provided upon our receipt of this registration of interest form.:

 *   - with 1 month client management and business practice support at $600 per month or,

      - with 3 months client management and business practice support at $600 per month or,

      - with 6 months client management and business practice support at $600 per month  


  Option C
- 4 Day Master Coach In-house Associates Group Course - for Group Practice. Same course as above but tailored to suit the companies need. - $3,950 per person (minimum number of in-house associates is 2, Max. 6) - Number of persons. Plus Mentoring (see above*).

  Option 4. - 4 Day Applied Coaching Management Course - for Organizations - includes how to design and manage a successful internal coaching program. 

  Partner Program - For qualified individuals or organizations who wish to license some of Dr Skiffington's coaching courses in their particular region/country.




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