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       Intercultural Leadership Coaching
Cross Cultural Skills Coaching - the key for international success

         Cross Cultural Skills Coaching -includes extracts from book 'Behavioral Coaching' by Zeus and Skiffington -by McGraw-Hill, New York)
Leadership Coaching - in Cross Cultural Skills
Global business has moved beyond its restricted 20th century meaning of geographically dispersed products, services, technology, marketing, and bricks-and-mortar offices. International Companies today understand that to succeed they require highly skilled global leaders, and this in turn, requires a robust Global Leadership Development Program. Global leaders face many challenges including; how to deal with the broader social, cultural, ethical, political and business representation.

Today, many international organizations are now paying careful attention as to how they can get the right global leadership development programs and procedures in place to assure that the right investments are being made in the right people to ensure maximum return on investment.

Behavioral Change is the key to success
Most organizations offer some form of internal, generic leadership development program for their global leaders. However, the intricacies and dynamics of being a successful Global Leader in today's international landscape requires a skill set which encompasses critical core behavioral competencies that differ considerably from those of domestic leaders. Understanding the "why" behind the behavior of one's international customer or colleague can also have a direct impact on successful communications, relationship building, and increased market share.

Cross Cultural Skills Coaching
-Intercultural Competence
What is meant by "intercultural competence"?

Understanding people, even in one's own culture or ethnic group, is a challenge. One of the primary reasons to study interrelationships between psychology and culture is to obtain the proven and vaild processes and methodologies that assist people to become more effective in dealing with others from different backgrounds and belief systems. A goal of cross-cultural psychology and cultural psychology is to help produce more culturally-competent individuals.  A culturally competent leader appreciates and understands the differences between people.

While there are many more resources available to the individual who desires to be more culturally aware, there are few sources available to obtain the behavioral-based models, tools and techniques that only a specialist psychologist in global leadership development can teach.

Competencies are the knowledge, personal and technical skills required for superior performance. 

Global competencies are the specific skills and knowledge requirements required for successful relations with people from one or more different cultures. 

Global competency development goal is to locate, assess and develop the skills and knowledge required for outstanding global performance.

A global competency model is a validated, proven behavioral-based change and learning model that can generate sustainable, measurable skills and knowledge.

Some Objectives of a Global Leadership Development Program can include -the need to:

  • Improve and enhance an individual's global managerial and leadership skills
  • Encourage and sustain higher performance in a multinational environment
  • Contribute to long-term development of a global organization

The Unsupported Global Leader
Subject to their own psychological defenses, aided and abetted by the general organizational tendency to cleanse feedback or just not provide it, most global leaders become closed loop systems. Cut off from feedback, they are unable to accurately gauge their decisions and impact. Therefore, over time, they can lose touch with their impact and become less effective. Typically, without valid data by which to correct their behavior, leaders fall back on historically correct responses, which may not be the right cultural response to the task at hand.

Assisting the leader to become more skilful, requires new learning (either new behavior, new thinking, new values, or new motivation) which is the task of the global leadership coach. A premium is now being placed on a wholly different leadership skill set. Today, the leader's ability to:- influence, persuade, sell one's ideas and manage across cultural boundaries is the key for organizational success.  

The fact is that behavior (actions) and the other parts--feelings, skills, thoughts, and unconscious drives--are so intermixed that it is often over-simplified to talk about one part in isolation. Leadership coaches need to be trained how to understand human behavior when considering many factors: environment, perception of the situation, consequences of the behavior, learning from previous experience, emotions, needs and level of motivation, values and life goals, plans and intentions, expectations, self-deception, unconscious processes, and many more variables
Cross Cultural Skills Coaching
Some Goals to developing a behavioral-based Global Program for a leader include --to: 
  • Obtain methods to lead change in your self and your environment
  • Gain a greater understanding of the impact cultural differences have on your leadership style in motivating a diversified workforce
  • Apply effective tools to expand your ability to communicate 
  • Understand the complexities of cross-cultural business relationships
  • Discover which personal approaches give you a competitive advantage
  • Relate to business clients and peers with greater insight
  • Find out how to build trust with individuals from different value systems
  • Develop the leadership creativity skills to suit a new, changing environment
  • Understand one's culture-based preferences and their impact on management style, expectations and practices
  • Continue the learning process through which cultural competence is built
  • Develop a non-judgmental framework for addressing culture-based performance challenges enabling concerted efforts in building individual, team and organization effectiveness

The Global Leadership Coaching process involves a one-on-one developmental experience for the manager/executive who is motivated to improve his or her leadership capabilities in a multinational setting. Global Leadership Coaching is also a means for the leader to focus on learning how to meet their organizational objectives and goals. Moreover, the coaching process addresses current performance metrics, future challenges, and the enhancement of global leadership skills. The participant may also need to prepare for succession planning that will take him or her to the next level of the organization.


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