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Organizational Educational Services:
-all of the below small group leadership and business coach training courses can be delivered in your offices..
Executive Development / Coaching Courses..
  • Global Leadership Coaching:

    Masters-Level Global Leadership Coach Training Course

    For qualified professionals who wish to build and manage a 'world best-standard' global leadership development program and receive instruction and practice in essential psychological based behavioral change models and tools etc. This course is limited to a very small number of qualified participants (size = 4 ) who: a) wish to have the course tailored to their specific needs; b) prefer to learn via small group interaction and 'hands-on' role-play; c) wish to employ the same accountable coaching platform, methodologies and approach to be used by all; and, d) require vital post-course support/follow-on mentoring.

  • Domestic Executive Coaching:
    Small Group Certified Master Coach (CMC) Course*

    For qualified personnel engaged in executive development who wish to learn how to: a) upgrade their coaching competencies to 'world-best standard';
    b) obtain internationally recognized professional coaching credentials; c) use industry proven best practices and processes;  d) use behavioral change tools and coaching management practices that best suit their working environment and, e) design, build and manage 'best-industry standard' or 'world-standard' 1-to-1 or group coaching programs.

    Note: -The above CMC course* is also available for individual participants via Self-Study, Campus or Distance Learning Format.. read more

    Other Educational Services:
  • Post Course Support:
    Pre-Course and Post-Course Support -Mentoring Program
    This support can involve multiple levels of agreed upon assistance and guidance and provides the glue to creating foundational strength and resiliency in the mastery and practice of the taught skills and practices from the course.
  • Courses Available for Licence:
    For Course Graduates Only (Via our Institute's Graduate School of Master Coaches) :
    Facilitator Licensing Program - this program is suitable for organizations who wish to provide world-class educational services within their organization. Graduates can apply to license various
    Workshop Training / Course Manuals (such as: Dr Skiffington's 'Manager/Leader as Coach' Course). Licensed users are able to re-brand these industry-proven courses (containing over 30 extensive modules) with their own name and re-format the material to create short seminars or workshops or longer certificate courses etc.

  • Educational Partnership Opportunities:
    Accredited Regional Business Partners (Via our Institute's Graduate School of Master Coaches) -Qualified graduates are able to be trained and accredited to present the 'Master Coach' course within their organization/region.


  Some Quick Facts:-

- In-House Courses
    suitable for:
-L & D, HR Professionals
  and Management etc
  -looking to build a
  'world-best standard' :
 1. Global Leadership
     Development Program 
           -or an-

 2. Executive Development
     Coaching Program
-and require a customized
   on-site course (for at least
   6 persons) to supply your
   specific needs.

-Note: -
    for External Practitioners
    -looking to: a) become an
    internationally credentialed
    Master Coach and, 
    b) establish a successful
    business coaching
       -go here>

Certification that is
 recognized worldwide:

  The Behavioral Coaching
 Institute (our parent
 organization and provider of
 the certification) is the
 world's leading specialist
 supplier of leadership
 coaching technology
 best practices

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n-house Courses:  


   "Let him who would move the world first move himself."   -Socrates 

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