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This Month's Feature Articles: 
Global Leadership Development and Behavioral Coaching

Behavioral-based Coaching -for the Global Executive/Leader   
The Future of Leadership Coaching   
The Need to Develop Global Leaders and Cross Cultural Teams
Global Leadership and HR Management

The HR Coach and a Global Leadership Program

Intercultural Leadership  Coaching
Global Tools, Templates etc -for Leadership Development
Cross Cultural Coaching
Selecting the Right Coaching Educator to provide the Right Global Tools
Leadership & Management Coaching Resources
Case Studies -Cultural Leadership and Team Leadership Development
"Dr Skiffington's best-selling coaching text books document
 the many outstanding success stories of her Institute's
 organizational clients and graduates across the world.

-ICAA -Centre for International Education
- The Complete Guide to Coaching at Work 
"This best-selling coaching book, introduces step-by-step: the elements and nature of coaching."
- The Coaching at Work Toolkit
"For the aspiring and new coach. This vital resource book is an introductory-level toolkit of a broad range of validated coaching practices."
- Behavioral Coaching - How to Build Sustainable Personal and Organizational Strength. - Amazon.com
"Behavioral based Coaching provides the psychological foundation to the successful application of the Coaching Model. This book presents a coherent definition and model of behavioral based coaching based upon scientific, validated behavioural principles and models. It explains the mechanics of how to about obtain durable and measurable change in individuals and organisations." -ICA

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 2. Executive Development
     Coaching Program
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   6 persons) to supply your
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    for External Practitioners
    -looking to: a) become an
    internationally credentialed
    Master Coach and, 
    b) establish a successful
    coaching practice
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