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  Please note: 
  -As Dr. Skiffington personally facilitates the strictly limited
  number of worldwide held courses: a) there are always more
  applications than places/dates available and, b) her
  international travel schedule/coaching commitments are
  booked 3 to 4 months in advance.
  -All information received is strictly confidential and will not
  be viewed or shared with any third party.

Enrolment NEWS....

Admissions for the next three months courses are due to CLOSE.

Qualified applicants for the remaining course dates/places are advised to register interest NOW!

Submission  of Interest Form:

Getting Started: 
Dr Skiffington's Graduate Institute is a private, international, accredited educational institution that offers places by invitation only. Courses are strictly limited to qualified, accomplished individuals invited to work with her via the small number of Regional, Peer Small Group or Corporate On-site Courses available each year. 
.-We know you have questions. What are the pre-qualifications? Is this the right program for you etc? By all means, send in the below 'Registration of Interest Form' and let's talk.

Step: 2 -


Upon receipt of the below form we email you and arrange for you to speak with Perry Zeus (Course Registrar and course designer). Perry then calls you, at an appointed time, to: a) confirm the latest available course dates, b) explain how the professional development certification courses work, c) answer any questions you have and, d) subject to a mutually satisfactory outcome of the interview -accepts your application for a specific course date to be personally trained and certified by Dr Skiffington. Please note that we typically receive three to four applications per available place.

Step: 3 -  

Criteria of Selection:

Within 24 hours of your interview (during which time your application for a specific course date will be reviewed by Dr Skiffington with Perry) Dr Skiffington's office emails you either a formal 'Acceptance Letter' or an offer to be wait-listed for another future course date. A successful applicant for an advertised course date is chosen not only on their: suitability for the course, relevant professional background/organizational experience etc, but also upon their ability to successfully apply with their clients what is taught in the course by Suzanne. A successful applicant for the Small Group, Peer (format) Course is also selected upon their professional profile and purpose to practice coaching matching that of the other course members. 

Note: In fairness to all pending applicants, to guarantee a limited course date/place a successful applicant is required to remit all course fees within four days of acceptance. If a qualified person is unsuccessful in their application for a specific course date they will be: a) notified of other future available dates they might be eligible to apply for and/or, b) placed on a wait list for any vacancy that might occur in the originally nominated course date. 


       -To take the first step, simply fill out and submit this Registration of Interest Form:.

 **Complete all fields**


 - Firstly, how did you hear about us? 

 a) Internet search? -Yes Which search engine? -Google,Yahoo, Other:

 b) Referral: (course graduate, colleague etc)

 c) Other: (From book etc)

- Secondly, have you read the introductory text book 'Behavioral Coaching -How to build sustainable personal and organizational strength' (Published by McGraw-Hill, New York)? 
(Coaching can be different things to different people. This best selling book documents the many outstanding success stories of Dr Skiffington's organizational clients and graduates across the world. The book also serves as preparatory reading for all of our courses -ensuring our enrolled students possess the required knowledge and understanding of basic technical coaching terms/references and phrases as referred to in the advanced-level Master Coach course.) 

   - Yes, I have read the book!

   - No, not yet..  

   - I will be ordering the text upon completing this form.. 
          > Online bookstores (Amazon etc) -for best prices: Save 40% >
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Some of your core competencies that suit you for business/organizational coaching:


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What do you want to achieve through coaching?


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   Certified Master Coach (C.M.C) Course: 
 Next Select delivery format option to register interest in:  

  - Customized course delivered by Dr. Suzanne Skiffington :
- As Dr Skiffington personally conducts the global courses, her regional itinerary (in North America, Europe and Australasia) is set months in advance. The below quoted limited course dates are the remaining dates/places in each region for the next four months yet to be assigned. .


  First, Click preferred Course Format Option:
Peer, Very Small Learning Group  -Professionals from different places with similar
needs (held in New York, London, Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong) 
In House -Small Group of associates -course delivered on-site in your  office/venue
           -for businesses/organizations and external private practices
(conducted around the world 


...Peer, Very Small Learning Group
   - A unique, 4 Day Master Coach Course via a Peer Small Group format (eg; 8 to 10 persons) -working
   side-by-side with Dr Skiffington
The invitational Course is customized to meet the specific personal skill set
   and business practices needs of each participant
. Graduates are awarded the Certified Master Coach
designation/certification upon completion of the Course. Suit 'individual' professionals from different
   regions (who share a similar professional profile and learning needs
   Strictly limited for qualified, 'individual' persons who: a) have similar training needs, b) desire to immediately
   establish their own
coaching network of peer professional coaches and, c) like to learn via small group
   interaction/group role-play etc

   Two schedules for tuition: private and corporate/organizational.
   The rationale for the difference is that: a) qualified individuals intending to become a professional coach need
   the same opportunity to obtain the highest available level of education and support as, b) individuals who
   work in their own established business or inside organisations that have budgeted financial resources for
   professional development and training.

   Corporate Tuition Rates: are applicable when an individual's business/employer pays his/her course fee.
   Private Tuition Rates: are applicable to those individuals who pay for the course themselves.

   *Note: -Course fee includes all Coaching Manuals, Tools, Templates, Coaching Forms, Resources and
refreshments & catering etc.
               -Participants are responsible for their own travel and lodging costs and hotel arrangements.

              -Organizations/Businesses also have the opportunity to apply for a tailored version of the Master
               Coach Course to be conducted in their offices for a small group of employees (at a special
               discounted group rate for 6 or more persons -see below
'Existing Small Group' format). 

-Steps 1. Select course venue location, date and appropriate tuition fee -
then select period of post-course, follow-on, 1-to-1 mentoring

       - North America:   
          New York:  - August 25th - 28th (Thur. to Sun) 2005 * 1 Place remaining (Next available date = Dec. 2005)  
   Venue: Martinique on Broadway -49 West 32nd Street, New York
$us4,650 -Corporate Rate  -or-   $us4,250 -Private Rate

       - UK / Europe:  
- Nov. 24th - 27th (Thur. to Sun.) 2005 * 2 Places remaining (Next date = Feb.2006)  
Venue: Thistle Bloomsbury, Bloomsbury Way, London 
                           GB£2,695 -Corporate Rate  -or-  GB£2,495 -Private Rate

.- Australia / New Zealand /Singapore /Hong Kong:
          Sydney: -
July 30th - Aug. 2nd (Sat to Tues) 2005 * 1 Place remaining (Next date = Nov. 2005)
Venue: The Mercure Hotel, 818 - 820 George Street. Sydney
  - $A4,450 -Corporate Rate  -or-   $A3,950 -Private Rate

.# -Plus: 
1. Pre-Course Work: 
(via our Online Members Learning Portal) is available to all enrolled participants. In
    addition, course preparation telephone mentoring is also available to a small number of participants. This
    mentoring option is personally provided 1-to-1 by Dr Skiffington (cost $295/£UK165 per session). By having
    Dr Skiffington mentor/call you, you can also privately discuss your practice needs and establish a personal
    and working relationship in advance of the course. As Dr Skiffington has a limited amount of mentoring time
    available -this 1-to-1 mentoring option is only available to selected participants who will be continuing the
    mentoring relationship/program post-course (and have booked post-course mentoring sessions -see below
Select number of pre-course mentoring sessions requested: -1, -2, -3  -sessions 

2. *Post-Course: Follow-on Support. This important, exclusive post-course mentorship provided by Dr
     Skiffington ensures her long term commitment to your success (
1-to-1, mentoring/personal counsel, via
     telephone with Dr. Skiffington -calling you at an appointed time -at $250 / GB£135 per session). This
     optional personal and practice support ensures the successful application in "real-time" of what has been
     learnt -and provides a means to receive guidance and resource further specialist knowledge on a "need-to"
etc. .  

Because Dr Skiffington's time is scheduled three months ahead, mentoring must be booked and paid for in
     advance with the course. Mentoring also provides the graduate an opportunity to develop a higher level of
     personal and practice mastery
Select:  - number of business practice support sessions:
                  - 3, - 6, - 9, - 12, - 18, - 24  -sessions  
  Note:- Any additional mentoring sessions are subject to the approval and the availability of Dr Skiffington.

...Existing Small Group (In-House)-in Organizations or Private
(Min: 6, Max: 12 persons)           
      -A limited number of customized, international courses/dates are available each year. Courses
conducted in your office -available in USA, UK,  Asia, Europe, Australia etc..
Graduates are
       awarded the Certified Master Coach (C.M.C.) designation/certification upon completion of the Course.  
-Suit experienced and new: 1) internal coaching practitioners -Coaching Program Managers, L&D and
                                                 HR Managers, program sponsors, senior participatory management, internal
                                                 coaches etc   -or-  
external coaching practitioners (in group/private practice)  

- Tailored-made Master Coach Certification Course  -Special Discounted Group Rate Schedule applicable.. 
- On-site, Accelerated, Intensive 3 Day Course - (delivered exclusively to your people in your office by Dr

Customized format to fit your specific business and personnel needs. Dr Skiffington personally confirms
    the required course content and structure with successful applicant. Course fee covers any travel costs etc
    by Dr Skiffington and
includes all Coaching Manuals, Tools, Templates, Coaching Forms, Resources etc.
(Minimum number of in-house associates -is 6, Maximum:12).
Per person rate: --Special Group Rate quote available upon application.
- plus mentoring key sponsors/drivers (select from below $250 / GB£135 per session
   - Course approx' number of persons (Min:6, Max:12):  
  - Nominate preferred Course date/Month:

 - Location: nominate the Country and City where your office or a suitable venue is located (for the course to be
    delivered to you) :


. Plus: Mentoring -Practice Support:
Select number pre-course support sessions for Program Leader/Driver etc::
            -1, -2, -3  -sessions 
Select number of post-course support sessions for Program Leader/Driver etc:
           - 3, - 6, - 9, - 12, - 18, - 24 


 Yes!- I also wish to discuss how my business can become a Regional Business Partner and:
              1) arrange to have Dr Skiffington
present local Certified Master Coach Courses -marketed and
              organized as a co-venture with my business and, 2) be trained and accredited as a Partner to present
              the CMC Courses in my region (with full branding and back-up support by Dr. Skiffington and the
              Behavioral Coaching Institute). 


  Yes!  - I wish to discuss Dr Skiffington's Course Licensing Program:  

           For Example; how I may license/deliver Dr Skiffington's Certified Manager/Leader as Coach,
           Certified Professional Development Mentor, Certified Business Development Coach
           the Certified Professional Development Coach -
Workshop Course Manuals.  Licensed users
           are able to re-brand these industry-proven courses (each containing over 30 extensive modules) with
           their own name and re-format the material to create short seminars or workshops or longer
           certificate courses etc.




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