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."An excellent support program. Having the flexibility to focus on specific business coaching units and personal
   needs is a major advantage."
- J. Shinn. General Manager Vodafone  

  "A revelation, this support program is full of useful tools for business coaching managers and leadership
   development" -W. Wong. CEO RealStar Holdings, Singapore 

  "Suzanne's relaxed approach and engaging style certainly made the certification course and follow-on support
enjoyable, and our group quickly picked up from her lead on the best techniques and processes for
succeeding in the role of a business coach" 
     - M. Bensen. Organizer for Center for Innovation, Business and Manufacturing. SA Government.

'The State of the Business Coaching Industry':

The professional business coaching industry has evolved dramatically over the last few years and bears little resemblance to its fuzzy predecessor. Coaching today is a demanding discipline and the busier-than-ever coach, trainer, consultant and manager needs smart, effective, validated tools and resources to ensure they are employing best-practice standards.

Business coaching, by nature, is in a continual process of development and draws from a wide range of behavioral sciences and professional disciplines. Professional coaching has little resemblance to the fuzzy 'model' promoted by the large online course marketers, many regional providers and commercially oriented "international coaching" associations.

Achieving measurable, sustainable outcomes isn't a matter of simplistic goal setting, personality profiling and cheerleading but requires the skilful use of validated, proven behavioral change methods and learning tools grounded in the behavioral sciences. The success of any business coaching program is dictated by the program's resources depth, scientific validity and measurability.

Dr Skiffington (acknowledged as one of the world's leading authorities in organizational coaching), for over a decade, has been teaching, developing and delivering proven behavioral-based coaching practices that are replicable and codifiable. These "world-best" standard practices and business models have validity of use because of their known, measurable, sustainable success.

Recent studies have revealed the greatest challenge to any organization is to change people's behavior. Of recent years there has been a growing demand from coaches and their clients for an industry-proven coaching model based on scientifically validated methodologies. It is in response to this demand that the behavioral coaching model was developed.


"The Behavioral Coaching Institute is recognized worldwide as the premier
 coach training institution for organizations
-HR Monthly

-For over a decade, Dr Skiffington, as a senior partner of the Behavioral Coaching Institute, has worked with many of the world’s leading organizations engaged in coaching to realize outstanding business outcomes through successful validated, initiatives. Our real solutions have produced real results. And through our publications (published and distributed in multiple languages by McGraw-Hill International -Education), with the added input from our Support Members worldwide, we have documented many of these outstanding success stories.

By working with hundreds of American, UK , Australian and Asian organizations, Dr Skiffington understands the unique organizational / business coaching challenges and support requirements faced by our corporate, government and private clients. Equally, as one the world's leading researchers and developers of coaching technology and after training and certifying hundreds of coaches around the world, Dr Skiffington (as a long-term practitioner herself) intimately understands the personal and technical needs and ongoing support necessary for coaches to achieve continued coaching success.

Today, the behavioral coaching model, pioneered over the last decade by Dr. Skiffington, integrates the most advanced research on adult development and human systems theory into an elegantly simple and highly effective validated coaching model of practice. This industry-proven process is taught to Dr Skiffington's select clients so they can effectively apply it in their workplace to achieve sustainable, measurable, significant results.

The Institute's Organizational Support Program:
.- Let's face it. Running your own coaching programs/business can sometimes be unnerving. It's comforting to have the support of someone who has worked with others who have experienced the same problems, concerns and issues…and the same opportunities as yours. 

Our Program Support Members are in business for themselves -but not by themselves. As such, our Members are able to directly tap into Dr Skiffington's extensive library of knowledge and experience as one of the world's leading creators, educators and practitioners of organizational / business coaching.

Our select Program Members (large and small) benefit from a personalized approach and customizable options. Our Project Team headed by Perry Zeus works with you to design a support package that fits your specific needs. As a follow-on, Dr Skiffington personally delivers the Behavioral Coaching Institute's courses and on-site project support.

Keeping the momentum and keeping pace with current world-best standard practice
Our long-term experience clearly shows that you will significantly enhance your program's success factor and simultaneously lower your overall coaching costs with the right 'technical and intellectual support'. Because we only work with a small number of select clients we are able to customize their Support Program to meet their changing requirements and provide 'need-to', personalized support at the highest level. This helps you to meet your ongoing coaching needs, manage a business coaching program at 'world-best industry standard', stay within budget and produce the bottom-line results you expect.

Option 1.
Custom Programs

"The mission of our Custom Programs is to develop and deliver customized, experiential learning
       experiences that create a competitive leadership advantage for our clients."
-Dr Skiffington

Dr Skiffington works with select organizations on a one-to-one basis to develop coaching learning experiences tailored to their specific in-house practice needs. Whether you have an established coaching program or are establishing one, the custom program solution can help provide your key personnel with the latest valid, industry-proven coaching knowledge and practices and support.

       "Working with Dr Skiffington, we've been able to develop a powerful program for addressing strategic executive
         development issues. A key element of our success with this custom program is that our people were directly
         shown one-to-one by Suzanne how to apply the best practices to our situation and address the issues at hand.
         Our coaching program sponsors, drivers and coaches were also provided an invaluable, individualized blueprint
         for moving to the next level and beyond.
John Beresford [Senior Vice President], BP Services

Example: 3 Day -Customized, Master Coach Certification Course:
This unique, 1-to-1 or very small group course (delivered by Skiffington on-site, in your offices) features tailor-made hands-on personal skill and program task scenarios, allowing you to roll up your sleeves and get right to work. With Dr Skiffington's training, guidance and support in just a matter of days, you’ll be creating your own successful behavioral coaching model of business practice, identifying your clients and market opportunities, developing powerful skill applications and embracing new business/program management practice standards. (See: 4 Day, Master Coach Certification - 'Course Content' )

Option 2. 
Organizational Associates:
Organizations who wish to partner with us to obtain a world-best standard, customized certified coaching program (for example; Specialist Management Coaching Practice Management Courses (for HR, L & D etc..), Internal Coach Certification Courses, Management and Leadership Coaching Courses, Management and Leadership Mentoring Courses etc..). These learning programs typically focus on specialist areas of knowledge and can be a one-off event or conducted 3 or 4 times over a year, for different participants. For organizations who require courses as an ongoing event we are frequently able sell the customized courses (excluding the Master Coach Course) proprietary rights of use to the client. In this situation the first few courses are delivered by Dr Skiffington with the assistance of 2 or 3 of the client's facilitators (who are already Certified Master Coaches). Typically after 3 events the facilitators receive their appropriate facilitators certification to deliver the course themselves and the client acquires the course license of use.

- Latest examples of the types of customized Small Group, In-House Courses -delivered by Dr Skiffington
 to our Corporate, Business and Non-Profit Clients around the world.

Option 3.
Licensed User of Dr Skiffington's level one coaching courses:
Coaches / businesses / organizations can license our Introductory-level Coaching Programs (for example; the 'Manager / Leader as Coach' and 'Mentor Certification' -Course Training Manuals etc) within a defined territory or nominated organization. -Read more...


Type of Customized, Support Services provided:
.- Training and Certifying -Coaching staff
                                   -Coaching Program Management
 - Educational Services - for management ie: from an introductory to advanced level
 - Program Design
 - Program Implementation
 - Program Monitoring
 - Troubleshooting
 - Other   

Keeping the momentum and keeping pace with current world-best standard practice. If you are interested in applying for project support, please go through the four step process below to ensure that you receive a prompt answer to your request...

1: Eligibility: BCI project resources are restricted to registered Support Members who are graduates of our Graduate School
         of Master Coaches or are looking to undertake 'Master Coach' certification as part of their initial support program.

2: Submit Online 'Registration of Interest Form':  

3: Schedule Appointment: Once your registration of interest form has been submitted, you can expect a response within 24
         hours. Our office will then contact you and set-up a telephone appointment with Perry Zeus (Course Registrar and Project
         Support Director).

4: Interview: Perry calls you, at the appointed time, to: a) ascertain if the training and support program can work for you, b)
         answer any questions you have and, d) subject to a mutually satisfactory outcome of the interview -accepts your application
         for a specific course or project support date (to be personally provided by Dr Skiffington). 

5: Application Approval: Note that a successful applicant is notified within 24 hours of applying. In fairness to all pending
         applicants, to guarantee a limited program date a successful the applicant is required to remit all program/course fees
         within five working days of acceptance. 

 "Guy Innes, national sales coach for real estate group L J Hooker, went through Dr Skiffington's program. "The benefit for us
    was that it enabled us to critically review our own coaching process and take the service that we offer to our coachees - 
    sales agents - to the next level, to add to their abilities." Innes says.
" -A Financial Review. Nov. 29. 2003

Some Support Members

Antares Corporation
Benz Technology International
Cathay Hotels
Coal and Allied
Department of Defence
Department of Natural Resources and Environment
Empowering Lantinas
Ferro Corporation
Hong Kong Civil Service Bureau
Japan International Business Recruitment  
L J Hooker Real Estate
Mass Mutual Financial Group
Morgan Bay Management
Rural Ambulance Victoria
Saatchi & Saatchi, NY
Schroders Investment Management
Seaboard Energy
Sony Corporation
The Coaching Business
University of W.I., Centre of Mgt. Development
WMC Resources
Whitbread UK
WorldGroup Consulting

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