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The Art and Science of Global Leadership
-Scientific Validation. Practical Application in the Workplace.
Global business performance is critically dependent upon individuals' abilities to manage themselves, their behavior and their relationships with others successfully. One of the most significant business advances in the last decade has been the demonstrated success of the behavioral sciences to predict business success. Dr Skiffington's Institute is the world's leading developer of leadership technology and best practices that enable dramatic, sustained and measurable improvements in leadership performance.

    "The behavioral-based leadership coaching model, pioneered over the last decade by 
       Dr. Skiffington
integrates the most advanced research on human systems theory into an
       elegantly simple and highly effective validated development process
-ICAA -Center for
       International Education -Report.2004

Today, Global Leaders include:

  • Managers leading, or participating in, international teams
  • Managers operating in multi-cultural workplaces
  • Professionals with international business careers
  • Managers integrating operations across national boundaries
  • Key domestic and regional support staff co-ordinating and communicating across cultures
  • Specialist Advisors and Technical support personnel
  • Senior Management and other Officers sitting on international committees etc
  • Emerging leaders

In the past, global leaders were simply those individuals sent abroad on foreign assignments. However, today it can be any manager or executive, anywhere in an organisation - people in accounts, sales, marketing as well as production and support staff. It can mean different things for different organisations. It could be a representative office abroad or the acquisition of a foreign company or a  joint venture etc. The possibilities are almost endless. 

Today, leadership development:
          - is not the same as management development for senior people.
          - is about personal skills development 
          - has little to do with technical knowledge and is more about thinking, values and emotions.
          - understands that organizational and social politics and culture are not problems to overcome, but
            rather the space that leaders function in.
          - is about change -and all leaders need to be change agents for themselves, for people around them
            and their organization

Bottom line: many leadership development programs do not deliver and are a waste of money. The traditional classroom training event fails to deliver any sustainable change and learning acquisition. Behavioral-based leadership coaching produces clear statistical evidence of real change and a beneficial outcome (ROI).

Professionals who train global leaders/teams need to apply culturally-appropriate skills:
1) Traditional Eurocentric leadership development models may not be effective in working with other populations, and indeed, may do harm by mislabelling or misdiagnosing problems and issues.
2) Assessment. Multiculturally sensitive practitioners are encouraged to validity issues related to test bias, test fairness, and cultural equivalence.
3) Cross culturally sensitive practitioners/coaches are encouraged to develop skills and practices that are attuned to the unique worldview and cultural backgrounds of leaders/executives by striving to incorporate understanding of the individual’s ethnic, linguistic, racial, and cultural background into their leadership development model.

Global Behavioral Competencies: 
Whether for job effectiveness, career development, or for personal growth, it is no longer enough for professionals to be culturally "aware" that differences exist. They must develop their own set of behavioral competencies enabling them to take appropriate actions in a different cultural context. Cultural behavioral-based competency skills coaching does not require the individual abandoning their traditional
values and norms, rather it enables the person to better relate to others and promote successful intercultural outcomes.

Without a developed set of culturally relevant behavioral skills to successfully work and understand their international counterparts, leaders often "hit the wall," failing to bridge the cultural divide that affects decision-making, communication, risk taking etc

The dynamics of being a successful Global Leader requires a skill set of critical core competencies that differ considerably from the domestic leader. These "global behavioral competencies" enable leaders to manage a wide range of challenges, including: distance management issues, how to lead a diverse multinational team, implementation of new initiatives, and seamless integration of different teams and organizations etc. 

Too many globally leadership learning interventions fail to stand the test of time and the physical and psychological pressures of 'the real world'. To change/learn, global leaders need to embed new insights into deeper, often automatic, thinking processes. This requires them to attend to how they think as well as what they think. To change, leaders need to turn thought into action. Without clear practical steps for doing this, and practice, old habits soon reassert themselves. As leaders engage with new learning we also need to ask them to listen to their emotions and look at their attitudes, beliefs and values.

Recent studies have revealed the greatest challenge to any organization is to change a leader's behavior. It is in response to this demand that the behavioral-based coaching model was developed by Dr Skiffington.

All global leadership coaches do not have to be psychologists. However, coaching is change and change is a psychological process. Successful, global leadership developers need to understand, be confident and competent in the psychological aspects of leadership coaching and a master in the use of a range of behavioral change techniques. To do so requires personalized training and supervision by an appropriately trained clinician and experienced practitioner in the use and mastery of psychological-based tools that bring about genuine, lasting, measurable results.

All people and systems are dynamic -changing throughout time.

For people to grow they have to do different things, change certain habits and that means a change in their behavior. Without that nothing changes.

Behavioral-based leadership coaching goes well beyond the "accountability" coaching model, which basically involves goals setting, action planning and relying on coachees' commitment and motivation to move forward. Instead, it employs validated behavioral change techniques to insure that goals are achieved and changes sustained. These include strategies to assess and manage thoughts, feelings and behaviors

Traditional leadership development models typically focus on extrinsic motivational factors, such as demands of the workplace and performance rewards. Behavioral-based leadership coaching explores the individual's values and works on the premise that real motivation and change are situated in the individual's intrinsic motivation.

The Behavioral-Based Leadership Model of learning is a basic, validated platform of practice informed by the behavioral sciences as regards the laws of change and learning and incorporates best practices from a range of disciplines. The seven step process (client education, data collection, planning, behavioral change, measurement, evaluation and maintenance), the four different stages of change in the coaching process and the five forms of coaching (coaching education, skills coaching, rehearsal coaching, performance coaching and self-coaching) form the basis of the model. This flexible, easily learnt model is then tailored by the leadership coach to fit the specific needs of the coachee.

Global Leadership Coaching -A Definition

Global Leadership Coaching contrasts to the traditional training approach where global skills development tends to be "prescribed". Global leadership coaching takes a tailored, personal approach to providing an individual with the necessary personal skills and change tools to develop themselves and others around them. Using coaching models, tools and techniques (that have scientific reliability and validity) the certified coach assists individuals to develop behavioral competencies and remove blocks to achieve valuable and sustainable changes in their professional and personal life.

The world's most successful global organizations all understand the need to heavily invest in proven ways to foster and keep their global skills talent.

It was the legendary CEO Jack Welch who said: "The real challenge is to globalize the mind of the organization. Until an organization captures the intellects of other areas, it really does have a problem. Until you globalize intellect, you have not really globalized the company".

How HR or Leadership Developers use the Global Leadership Coaching Model to design cutting-edge Leadership Programs:
Global leadership coaching is first employed in the construction of leadership programs to assist executives who are confronting the major organizational (and often cultural) change and restructuring that normally accompanies global market entry. Secondly, global leadership coaching is used in the development of global skills development programs for staff who have an existing international brief. Global leadership coaching is now recognized as the crucial learning and change vehicle for any organization that has a commitment to global skills development.

Regional Global Leadership Coaches:
It is also crucial for providing individuals and groups with the necessary encouragement and support when learning how to become more effective in their day-to-day global roles. Cultural and business blind spots are an everyday fact of global business life. This challenging environment can result in culture shock, fear, fatigue, anxiety, stress, under-performance, self-doubt and lack of confidence. In these situations, the global leadership coach works on-site as a personal mentor to help individuals and work teams meet their daily challenges and reach their goals. This coaching role can be provided by local managers and leaders who have been trained as coaches and/or specialist cultural coaches/mentors who visit the organizations regional offices to provide requisite on-site, 1-to-1 support and guidance to senior management.

Cross Cultural Team Coaching:
Each diverse work team is comprised of individuals from a particular culture. However, once the team is formed the team develops its own culture. The team's culture is within the culture of the office, which is within the culture of the department, which is within the culture of the organization, which is within the culture of the host country and also the country where the head office is located. The Team Leader needs to be trained how to use the behavioral-based coaching model to determine a common set of values and how to clarify the
assumptions and beliefs shared by team members that affects their business goals.

The Behavioral Coaching Institute: 
-(our parent organization) is internationally recognized as the leader in building the next generation of leadership development coaching models and tools
The Institute is an international educational and research institution founded in 1990 that is focused exclusively on the continuous development of the coaching model to achieve sustainable personal and organizational change and learning. The Institute is recognized across the globe for the depth and quality of its courses, coaching technology and publications. The Institute is consistently ranked the top provider of business coaching education in the world.

The Behavioral Research Laboratory is the research arm of the Institute's Center of Applied Behavioral Coaching (CABC).  Dr Skiffington heads a team engaged in ongoing research to develop data, knowledge and expertise in leadership development. The research not only continually advances the quality of our world-best standard global leadership coach course but also the follow-on support provided to our graduate coaches. Research findings are also published in our publications by McGraw-Hill Education (New York).

Coaching/Learning Partners:
Dr Skiffington aims to establish a personal, strategic partnership with each of her clients. The personalized, hands-on approach combined with the depth of our resources means that we are also able to respond quickly and easily to changes in corporate priorities. Dr Skiffington understands that one size does not fit all, and is genuinely able to create a customized program to fit each client’s particular needs.

Our focus is on measurable changes in behavior that lead to significant business results. Our Institute's processes and pricing structures reflect these objectives.


  B.A, M.C.P, PhD, M.A.P.S, M.I.S.H
-has personally facilitated customized leadership coach training programs for hundreds of major corporations and government agencies. She has worked with CEOs, HR,L & D leaders, Senior Management and their management teams in such companies as; Daimler Chrysler, Toyota, Lloyds Bank, Vodafone, Saatchi and Saatchi (New York), Sony Corporation, Pfizer, Mt Sinai Hospital and The Bank of New York etc*. Her clients also include not-for-profits (such as the Red Cross, government agencies e.g; the Education Department and Dept. of Defence). Dr Skiffington's highly valued work as an international corporate educator is well documented in many journal articles and case studies as well as her own best selling coaching text books (sold in multiple languages around the world).
 * Sample list of clients that have recently had key personnel undertake Masters-Level Coach
     Courses with Dr Skiffington:

Antares Corporation
Bae Systems
Baytec Institute
Benz Technology International
Cathay Hotels
Daimler Chrysler Academy
Empowering Lantinas
Ernst & Young
Ferro Corporation
Hong Kong RealStar Property
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Japan Int'l Business Recruitment  
L J Hooker Real Estate
Lloyds TSB Bank
Lux Consulting South Korea
Maritime Life Assurance Co.

Mass Mutual Financial Group
Mt Sinai Hospital
Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals
Red Cross
Saatchi & Saatchi, NY
Schroders Invest't Management
Seaboard Energy
The Bank of New York
Starcom UK
Walt Disney World
WMC Resources
Whitbread UK
WorldGroup Consulting

Some Government Clients :
Canada Customs Agency
Department of Defence
Department of Natural Resources & Environment
Hong Kong Civil Service 
NSW Dep't of Education
Queensland Government Corporate Solutions.
Royal Australian Air Force
Rural Ambulance Victoria
Singapore Gov't -Civil Service College
University of W.I., -Centre of Mgt. Development.
University Hospital Birmingham.
Water Corporation, WA
Lower Colorado River Authority.
US Fish & Wildlife Services.
       "BCI has established itself as a trusted "knowledge broker" to its international clients, and
        done what few have ever been able to accomplish: integrate behavioral science with
        principles of leadership, management and organizational development into practical,
        proven professional development templates and models."
-HR Monthly
On-site, Cross-Cultural Leadership Development Coaching Course  
    -for Small Groups
-ensuring your people development professionals are one the same page and using the same accountable, best-practice methodology: 

our team is a busy group of professionals involved in leadership development and doesn't have time to spend on things that don't work. You've probably tried different leadership and executive coaching courses over the years, but most of what you found was basic stuff that oversimplifies human behavior, personality, motivation and learning.

Learning for your group must be supported by evidence, have a scientific basis that isn't theoretical and doesn't require lengthy training, be accessible, provide a solid expandable platform and it must be cost-effective.

Dr Skiffington's Graduate Institute is a private, international, accredited educational institution that offers courses by invitation only. The few available course dates each year are strictly limited to qualified, progressive oriented, learning organizations. Certification by Dr Skiffington is the highest level of evidence-based, leadership coach training available.  

   Clarity. Accelerated, shorter learning. World best standard. Practical application. 
      Industry focus. Industry recognized certification

Our blend of individualized/tailor-made learning templates, content, proprietary
      methodology and tools, courses available for license and personalized instruction
      is unprecedented in the professional development industry. It all adds up to one thing:
      your people's success.

 No one else provides what we do. No one else certifies world-class global leadership
     coaches who are able to develop leaders with 'global competence' -that make a real
     positive difference to the people they interact with and the bottom-line
The Approach
Pre-Course Work:
-via our Online Learning Portal (plus option of 1-to-1 Preparation Mentoring with Dr Skiffington) 
   -for selected persons invited to participate in a Master Coach Course.

Applied Learning: 
We stress experiential, hands-on, applied learning. 
  - we believe you must use the skills to own them..
Action, accelerated learning is a guiding principle for the course. Our approach does not involve simply attending a workshop, however interactive. With one-to-one guidance provided by Dr Skiffington, the participant explores the use of the latest valid coaching technology and practices. The personal involvement of participants is a foundation stone of the programme. Working with Dr Skiffington and their peers: they are enrolled in role plays, discussing case studies and open reflection and debate on how the examined change interventions can be best used with their leaders.
Coaching Sessions -Role-Playing  
.- First, learn how to select the right leadership coaching techniques and tools (that have scientific reliability and validity) for you
- Secondly, engage in a suite of role plays (relevant to your working environment) throughout the "hands-on" course applying the skills learned to increase the success of organizational interventions and to create breakthrough leadership thinking and actions..

Role-playing with Dr Skiffington means the participants are able to build correct habit patterns in a private environment, followed by individual supportive critique through rehearsal. Suzanne also "models" various techniques/role-play scenarios. By working directly with Suzanne in a personalized environment the student is able to learn how to: implement the specific behavioral skills and techniques they require to master and,
 use the language of global leadership coaching at a "real-world", professional best-practice level.
Coaching BluePrints -How to build a Coaching Program
   using Empirically-tested behavioral coaching models and
10 Step -'How-To' Templates:
  - From Knowing to Doing:
 - How to Implement!
Course Participants are taught how to use the course's Step-by-Step Coaching Program Templates/solutions -to develop their own 'world-best standard' professional development program for: a) leaders being groomed to become global leaders, b) existing executive leaders who want to move to their 'next-development-level' and, c) leaders who are in immediate need of critical self-management techniques or other personal skills sets.

Plus: Case studies and other customized, personalized exercises:
Exercises and case studies are analyzed and related to the participants' particular workplace needs. With the learning templates and the guidance of Dr Skiffington, participants learn how to develop programs that specifically relate to their professional development needs.

Post-Course Mentoring:
- 1to1 with Dr Skiffington -to follow-through the application in "real-time" of the new learning and skills from
    the "hands-on" course and the extensive library of manuals, resources and toolkit provided to each graduate

   "This course has all the essential ingredients for success:
      the best available curriculum; expert faculty; and an
      outstanding post-course support program." 
-Dr  James  Aaron (AECC, L&D Director, NY)
Course Description & Content
In a recent study of university and in-house corporate global leadership training programs nearly all failed to deliver their purpose because they ignored the underlying behavior models required by the leader:-

-Thus, global leadership development requires yet another approach--one that focuses on the behavioral change and sustainable learning models and cultural assumptions that guide action.
Course Rationale:
The 3 highest-rated factors (CPC Foundation/Rand Corporation Report) for developing successful global leaders -are not addressed by the traditional global managerial & leadership skills training courses which focus on the technical skills such as; cultural profiling, cross-cultural business practices (communication styles, negotiating, making presentations and business & social etiquette) etc. Training in first level cultural technical/hard skills is only one step in the development process of producing successful global leaders. However, the
3 highest-rated critical factors for success are behavioral-based personal/soft skills -such as; cognitive skills, personal traits, and social skills. 

How to address differences by understanding the 'why behind people's behavior.'
Global leaders are required to understand and analyze the impact of the local culture on their team and organization. They should also lead the way in influencing necessary change within their institutions. To cope effectively global managers need to continuously revise their images of self, role, and organization, so that attitudes and behavior are modified accordingly. Being an effective global leader therefore demands enhancing both cognitive and affective skills to make a difference. 

A global leader must earn the trust of the group, work with them, and take the time to build self-worth. Leaders are expected to be nurturers, coaches, and mentors who work with followers to ensure success. The best global leaders have not only been taught how to self-coach but how to coach those around them. They are aware of their self and the behaviour necessary to empower people to take action, to solve problems, and to voice their ideas.

Being our best self requires reflecting on an accurate view of our self and our relationships with others and the world around us. It is complex and thoughtful process that is challenging and demanding and best guided by a specialist trained master coach. Self-awareness is assessing the ground (justification) of one's beliefs and values. Reflective practice requires examination of prejudices, distortions, and prior learning to examine if what was learned is justified in today's world. The behaviors and attitudes are shaped by the images, assumptions, and stories that are carried in our minds -they are mental models that are often untested and unexamined. Reflective practice with a trained Master Coach is an interactive, collaborative process. 

Competent leaders work with their specialist developmental coaches to do the hard work of examining their practice and the influence that their behavioral aspects have on their decisions. The world is created by what individuals choose to notice and what makes sense to each person. No two persons see the world in the same way.

Behavioral-based coaching sessions provide the time, space, and learning opportunities and
a depth of questioning that allows leaders to escape the bounded thinking of their own
professional, organizational, and national cultures.

Behavioral-based coaching equips Global Leaders not only to be successful change agents for themselves but also for those diverse group of people they lead and relate to in the global village/economy.

      New places, new people and new times = new thinking and change skills

3 Critical Coaching Abilities -the development professional requires to create
      a successful development plan for a global leader: 

1) The ability to locate, assess and measure the appropriate behavioral aspects impacting upon a
                   a specific professional or personal skill set to be enhanced. 

2) The ability to translate behavioral feedback into an action plan. 
3) And, the ability to determine the relationship between the personal behavior of the individual and
                 the organizational and cultural context in which the leader operates.

Global Leadership Best Practice:
-Best World Practice, Best Industry Practice, Best Practice Assessment. 
Case-study analysis: -best-practice initiatives conducted by the top industry leaders and practitioners are analyzed. What do they do that sets them apart? How do they deliver the results? What impact has it had on their people and business performance? How do they stay on the "learning edge"? "How to apply the practices that best apply to you."


What you will acquire and learn by working
     side-by-side with Dr. Skiffington: 

      Note: the following content is an overview of the specialist workshop. 
      As the course is tailor-made, it will vary in focus and subject
      matter according to the learning goals and business needs of
      the participants.  

Your study of Global Leadership Coaching with Dr Skiffington will build advanced-level development competencies from three elements:

     You will receive a firm grounding in the application of a range of proven behavioral-based intercultural
          learning and change models which generate sustainable, measurable skill acquisition. Because the
          Institute's work contributes to that theory, your course participation means you are only provided
          with valid and reliable best standard practices and action templates and not generic, "one-size-fits-all",
          out-dated training practices.

     You will receive a firm grounding in the underlying social scientific methodology and engage in
application of easily learnt, practical, "real-world" intercultural personal skills. Unlike other
          academic graduate programs, this course is tailored to fit the small group's individual needs. Also,
          the depth of this fast-tracked, customized course provides the small number of participants the ability
          to reach the highest level of understanding and development in the shortest time.

     With the course's elite masters-level coach skill training and an invaluable, post-course 1-to-1
          development support program, our graduates are equipped to successfully build and manage
          developments programs at the highest level in international business and government affairs.

Templates, Tools, Techniques and Best Practices
- several empirically proven Models of Coaching (including the solution focus and
      cognitive models etc) that have a basis in the behavioral-sciences
- the Behavioral-based Coaching Model
how to select the appropriate Leadership Development Coaching Model 
- the Ten Step-by-Step Coaching BluePrint to building best-practice Coaching
      Programs: client education, data collection, planning,  behavioral change,
      measurement, evaluation and maintenance etc   

- the Five Forms of Coaching: coaching education, skills coaching, rehearsal 
      coaching, performance coaching and self-coaching
- how to build a Developmental Executive Coaching Program
- the necessary change models that form a platform for a new successful global career contract
- how to use assessment and diagnostic tools to assess global leadership skill sets via
      themselves, their peers and their coach/instructor
- how to select the appropriate Cross-Cultural / Intercultural Global Leadership Development
      Coaching Models with a behavioral-science basis
- other industry proven, validated cultural awareness models and methodologies  
- proven personal behavioral change tools and techniques

- the First Basic Educational Steps -the Cultural Briefing (preparatory to undertaking Personal/
      Professional Development)
- how to build a Partnership Strategy with your Managers/Leaders 
- the Principal Strategies employed in Cross-Cultural Coaching
- how to Build Trust Across Cultural Boundaries
- Intercultural Communication and Intercultural Awareness
- a Model for Cultural Awareness
- Cross-Cultural Competence
- Global Leadership Skills Rating 
- how to coach Multicultural team members to leverage their differences to become high producers
- Key Global Leadership Behavioral Competencies to develop
- developing key Global Leadership Social Skills
- the Critical Factors required for successful behavioral change
- behavioral Assessment Instruments and follow-on data interpretation
- obtain measurements of behavior and maintenance of behavior change
- how to align Leadership behavior with the Organization's Global Business Objectives
how to identify behavior patterns that can harm the talented global leader
- how to identify and work with the different types of organizational behavior, personal
      behavior, leadership behavior, political behavior, cultural behavior, InterGroup and
      Group behavior

- how to develop the leader's ability to change
- how to develop 'High Potentials'
- how to coach Expatriate Managers and their Spouses/Partners
how to coach Repatriated Managers and their Spouses/Partners
how to teach the leader to inturn become a coach to those around them
- how to manage derailment turnarounds, Dysfunctional Behavior and
      Non-Rational Behavior
- how to use a Three-stage Transformational Model for group/departmental change
how to develop a range of required coaching interventions 
- how to prepare, design and conduct a session

- how to use leadership skills practice tools 
- how to chart the progress of behavior and learning practice
- how to use outcome/results measurement tools
- how to use Return on Investment in Leadership Development (ROI-LD) 
how to use the relevant processing forms and reports 
how to use proven marketing strategies  for in-house leadership programs
- how to design group workshops
- how to overcome any individual, group and organizational resistance
- your coaching skills self-assessment
- during the workshop you will also engage in coaching role play exercises and receive
- feedback on your coaching by Dr Skiffington
- you will also receive reference materials (important case studies, articles, papers) and,
practice guides, study materials and resource listings etc supplied as part of the 
Global Leadership Master Coach Practice Library©
Copyright 2005

    Exclusively compiled for each participant  -by the Behavioral Coaching Institute (our
    parent organization and the acknowledged world leading developer of leadership
    coaching technology /knowledge) and, the Center for Applied Behavioral Coaching
    (the Institute's global research and publications center) 

Our select participants obtain a set of up-to-the-minute, cutting edge, comprehensive resource manuals that are meant to be used as an ongoing learning program/library of information beyond the course. Students are also provided and shown how to use actual Templates, check sheets, forms, and procedures developed over several years by some of the world’s leading coaching practitioners who work with Dr Skiffington. Graduates can customize and re-brand these valuable tools, techniques and templates to build a solid 'world best-standard' structure for their own global leadership development programs.

    - Extensive Resource and Practice Materials (several hundred plus pages) include: 

  A comprehensive and tailored
Workshop Manual is provided to each participant

An invaluable, extensive Resource Manual (containing industry case studies, articles, reports,
       references and assessment sources etc) -that provides a personal and generative developmental
       path for continued learning
for each graduate.                     

A priceless Master Coach Template Toolkit..
-which forms the core of the critically important Coaching Practice System for the global leadership development coach. This invaluable Toolkit (on disc) contains free leadership program coaching forms, reports, assessment instruments and other coaching materials, tools, models and STEP-BY STEP PROGRAM TEMPLATES -all of which the graduate can re-brand and personalize. The cost of the instruments alone would be at least $3000 in total. These invaluable workplace tools are now included, at no extra cost, in the customized course.

    Return on Investment in Leadership Development (ROI-LD):
Our course is the only international coach training program that provides personal instruction in how-to-use the necessary validated tools for obtaining and measuring lasting behavioral coaching outcomes and producing a ROI scorecard.

ROI (return-on-investment ) - Participants in the Masters-Level course learn how to:
- develop an evaluation (ROI) architecture that includes business goals, initiative objectives, and evaluation
- calculate the ROI and ROE
- use various types of hard and soft data collection plans
- use intake and outcome assessments
- calculate ROI for both observable (behavioral) and inferable (developmental) changes
- convert data to monetary, production values and, 
- identify direct bottom-line program effects and flow-on intangible benefits etc..

    Assessment Instruments/Questionnaires:
-available on disc which the graduate can re-brand for their own use include:  

The course introduces some of the major assessment instruments used and includes a critical evaluation of a wide range of assessment instruments and their practical use and interpretation. Dr. Skiffington is the first coaching educator to provide (to qualified coaches) a world standard, validated, professional coaching tool package.  Participant's also learn how to: 

  • use and select the right validated instruments

  • understand the principles of validity and reliability

  • determine which instruments you will and won't add to your own tool kit, and be taught

  • the uses, benefits and timing of various instruments.

Our select students are also provided and shown how to use actual check sheets, forms, and procedures developed over several years by some of the world’s the top leadership coaching practitioners who work with Dr Skiffington. Graduates can customize and re-brand these valuable coaching tools, techniques and templates to build a solid structure for their own programs. 

       "Dr Skiffington’s compelling understanding of the leadership coaching profession and
        effective strategies to behavioral coaching are unsurpassed. She provides the best possible
        environment to learn the rigor and skill of effective coaching”
- Dr Christopher T. Jones. Chief,
          Division of Training, U.S.  F.W Services

The Institute's Support Program:  

"Stay ahead of your field"
-How to ensure your development programs success and are always in possession
   of the latest technology:

Project Support Program
Leadership coaching has little resemblance to the fuzzy 'model' promoted by the large online course marketers, many regional providers and commercially oriented "international coaching" associations.

Dr Skiffington (acknowledged as one of the world's leading authorities in leadership/executive coaching), for over a decade, has been teaching, developing and delivering proven behavioral-based coaching practices that are replicable and codifiable.These "world-best" standard practices and business models have validity of use because of their known, measurable, sustainable success.

By working with hundreds of American, UK , Australian, European and Asian organizations, Dr Skiffington understands the unique organizational coaching challenges and support requirements faced by our corporate, government and private clients. Equally, as one the world's leading researchers and developers of leadership development technology and after training and certifying over 1,000 coaches from over 30 countries, Dr Skiffington (as a long-term practitioner herself) intimately understands the personal and technical needs and ongoing support necessary for leader developers to achieve continued success.

Keeping the momentum and keeping pace with current world-best standard practice
Dr Skiffington's long-term experience clearly shows that you will significantly enhance your program's success factor and simultaneously lower your overall development costs with the right 'technical and intellectual support'. Because Dr Skiffington, is literally, only able work with a small number of select clients we are able to customize their Support Program to meet their changing requirements and provide 'need-to', personalized support at the highest level. 

Types of Customized, Support Services provided:

- Training and Certifying: - Development staff
Senior Program Management
- Off-the-Shelf Courses available for licence:
                                          -'Manager/Leader as Coach' 
                                          - Mentor Training 
                                          See our Graduate School of Master Coaches:
Courses for Licence Page for details    
- Assistance in Program Design and Monitoring
  - 1to1 Pre and Post Course Mentoring (see below)

1-to-1 Pre and Post Course Mentoring 
Pre-Course Preparation
To help your fast track your group's learning -we have provided an early commencement/study date. This way, each participant is not restricted to commencing their studies on just the first day of the intensive course.

To: a) optimize available workshop time and, b) reduce the amount of reading and 'home-work' (in the evenings of the course) --advance preparation is provided to all participants. The pre-work also helps participants further define their specific agenda for the tailored-fitted course. This preparation ensures that participants are having their needs met from the first hour of day one of the short course. All Pre-Work materials are given to a successful applicant upon enrolment and are required to be completed prior to attending the course. Pre-work includes some preparatory reading and analysis and a self-administered Coaching Skills Profile/Questionnaire and Checklist. These materials are confidential and you will not be asked to share them with others.

Course participants have a choice of two Pre-Work format options:
1) Accessing the Pre-Course Online Learning Portal (reading material and analysis and a self-administered coach questionnaire- available at no cost to the enrolled participant) -and bringing a completed Checklist to the course.  -or-
Accessing the Pre-Course Online Learning Portal and be also guided by Dr Skiffington (as your personal study mentor, 1-to-1 via telephone. Cost $295/£UK165 for 1 session). By having Dr Skiffington mentor/call you, you can also privately discuss your practice needs and establish a personal and working relationship in advance of the course. Note: Dr Skiffington has only a limited amount of mentoring time available for a small number of participants. 

Post-Course Professional Support:
Given: a) the rapid development of leadership coaching technology, b) that leadership developers are "resource" people, c) that global leadership is an emerging profession still defining its boundaries and, d) the increasingly varied nature of today's global village/economy -it is important for leadership development personnel to have a means to reflect on their coaching work with another experienced, senior, third party practitioner/mentor. Our support program not only provides a structured platform for continuing learning and development for the 'coach', but also reassures their employer with the knowledge that their 'coach' has the professional resource back-up of a respected, industry leader.

Have a mentor assist you in building your professional leadership coaching skills:
Whatever the industry sector and region/marketplace you may be in, Dr Skiffington can help guide you to best find your right professional coaching roadmap. 

This optional, follow-on support service is personally provided by Dr. Skiffington and can involve multiple levels of agreed upon assistance and guidance such as: guidance on various case issues, program development, reference to further resources you may require regards a specific coaching intervention etc. This vitally important service/mentorship provided by Suzanne also ensures her long term commitment to your own professional development and long-term success. 

As a developer of, and author on coaching best-practices, Dr Skiffington works with some the world's leading  corporate HR and L & D Managers/Directors in the form of an ongoing, co-learning, developmental partnership. However, all of her mentoring 'partners' receive equal access to her 'experience and knowledge base'.  

   "Our past cross-cultural programs focused on cultural awareness and understanding of another
      culture’s background and business styles. However, if leaders are to successfully achieve their
      organization's business goals they also need to develop a range of behavioral skills and be
      provided self-coaching change models enabling them to bridge these gaps. Dr Skiffington's
      program delivered our development team that plus more"
-Dr Peterson -L&D Director, MGMA

Bridging the gap between knowledge and practice 

The Masters-level Course provides the specific templates, tools, techniques, coaching models etc. that you
require in your day-to-day workplace. Whereas, this exclusive mentoring program provides the glue to creating foundational strength and resiliency. 

The program:

  • helps the graduate/coach evaluate how well they are performing

  • provides the graduate a safe environment in which to explore what is happening for them in their coaching relationships

  • assists in overcoming challenges

  • helps the graduate identify and refine what is working well and what needs further fine-tuning and what to change

  • provides a means to discuss particular cases with an objective, respected third party -which of course is undertaken with a full understanding of the requirements for confidentiality  

  • assists the graduate in problem-solving and finding solutions

  • is a means for information sharing

  • is a tangible way for you to show your own 'clients' that you are walking your own talk by being mentored/coached by Dr. Skiffington.

1to1 Mentoring -Medium and Frequency: The mentoring program is conducted via telephone (for up to 60 minutes or so) and by appointment -the graduate emails Dr Skiffington's office and establishes a mutually convenient appointment time. Dr Skiffington makes the calls. Frequency varies according to graduates need. Note: As Dr Skiffington's time is booked three to four months ahead -mentoring is booked and paid for as part of course enrolment.


The Next Steps.. 

   Note: All participants receive the world-recognized Certified Global Leadership Master
   Coach (C.G.L.M.C.) designation  -in recognition of their advanced study undertaken with
   Dr Skiffington.

Step 1. Submission of Interest Form:
To discuss how the tailor-fitted course can best work for you -simply submit the online 'Registration of Interest Form'.

Step 2. Telephone Interview and criteria of selection: 
Upon receipt of the 'Registration Form' we email you and arrange for you/the decision maker to speak with Perry Zeus (Course Designer and Executive Director of our parent organization -the Behavioral Coaching Institute). Perry then calls you, at an appointed time, to:
 a) ascertain your group's coaching needs,
 b) explain how the tailored professional development certification course works,
 c) confirm available course dates with Dr Skiffington (due to Dr Skiffington's busy corporate commitments to her existing clients only a very small number of dates are available each year).
 e) answer any questions you have -including providing a group workshop quote and,
 -subject to a mutually satisfactory outcome of the interview/application with Perry (and a favourable review of the interview notes by Dr Skiffington) -a formal 'Acceptance Letter' and an attached Invoice to train/work with her for a specific course date can be personally forwarded by Dr Skiffington to a successful applicant within 48 hours. 

A successful application for a course date is chosen not only on the group's relevant professional background/organizational experience but also their ability to successfully apply what is taught in the course. 

Note: 1) Perry does not need to interview each participant. The decision maker/'driver'/'sponsor' simply
            nominates the approximate number of qualified participants and provides the names when available
As Dr. Skiffington personally facilitates the strictly limited number of courses held each year
             internationally: a) there are always more applications than dates available and, b) her global travel
             schedule/coaching commitments are booked months in advance. 

) In fairness to our existing corporate clients and Dr Skiffington having to say "no" to other pending
             applicants  --to guarantee a limited course date a successful applicant is required to:
                              a) remit a course security deposit within 14 working days of
forwarding the
                                 'Acceptance Letter' (with the balance usually required within 30 days)
pay the course fee in full within 30 days of receiving the 'Acceptance Letter'.

Step 3. Special Group Booking Fee Schedule:
The per person price for a three-day, tailor-made Certified Global Leadership Master Coach™ In-House Course delivered at your site is dependant upon*: a) location of site (eg; Dr Skiffington's preparation and travel time, flight costs etc) and, b) the number of participants (see below). For example -in

             -USA, Canada,
Europe and Asia: (approximate cost*)
Number of participants: -for 7 to 12 persons = price-by-quotation
                                                     -for 6 (usual minimum) =  $us3,950 per person. 
                                                     -for 5 or less = price-by-quotation

           -UK (approximate cost
Number of participants: -for 7 to 12 persons = price-by-quotation
                                                     -for 6 (usual minimum) = 
GB£1,995 per person 
                                                     -for 5 or less = price-by-quotation

(approximate cost*) 
                - Number of participants: -for 7 to 12 persons = price-by-quotation
                                                     -for 6 (usual minimum) =  $A3,950 per person 
                                                     -for 5 or less = price-by-quotation

Note:  -The cost of Dr Skiffington's airfare and living expenses are borne by her. 
          -The client is responsible for the arrangement and provision of a suitable course venue and business
           class hotel accommodation for Dr Skiffington.

Step 4. Workshop Content:
Dr Skiffington personally confirms the required course content and structure with the successful applicant
/contact person for the course. Just prior to the course Dr Skiffington's office then forwards the client a copy
of the proprietary, customized course (on disk) to enable the photocopying of the course materials and their placement into the participant's course folders

>>> Contact us via our Registration of Interest Form and we will arrange for you to speak with our Course Registrar,  Perry Zeus. 

             - Click here to submit your REGISTRATION OF INTEREST FORM Now!



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