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  Kickstart a rewarding new career helping children and families thrive or upskill your child behavior coaching toolkit.

Learn the Art & Practice of advance, Science-Based Behavior Coaching for Children / Youth and achieve sustainable, BREAKTHROUGH results!


World's leading Child Behavior Health & Applied Science Coach Training School




Breakthrough child behavior change technologies !!  
This powerful E-Learning, child coach credentialing course and associated  science-based, behavior change toolkit has become a LIFE FORCE in the hands of graduates around the world!  


Acquire the step-by-step behavioral tools for helping children learn how to handle the ups and downs of growing up; to understand and manage themselves and build a bright, happy and successful future.  






..Learn how to rapidly build sustainable, positive
behavior changes in children..









Internationally, Accredited, CHILD


- Building a rewarding career helping families thrive.






As the global leader in advanced, behavioral-based, Child Coaching the Institute takes great pride in having the most internationally recognized coach certification program in the world.

We select our students who are the best of the best in their country/region, share the same values as us and can represent our established, renowned brand at the highest practice level with their clients!

Building a Professional Family / Child Coaching Practice
The unique, comprehensive, training is designed so that you have everything you need to fast-track a professional practice or ignite an existing practice -in just 90 days (even less for some).

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The Institute's Advanced Coach Certification Courses are preferred by the world's leading health care organizations -such as:


Howard Hughes Medical Institute,  Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Sing Health Polyclinics,  Siemens Medical,  Red Cross,  Pfizer World Vision University Hospital Birmingham,  Mount Royal University,  University of Washington.


  "This high quality, in-depth course is full of the latest professional practitioner behavior tools, case studies and resources that are simply not available on the internet or in self-help books. I strongly recommend this invaluable program for families and professionals seeking evidence-based solutions for child behavior needs."
J Peters. Health Services





#24 (Summary):


Today's challenging new world facing all families..

- The increasing cost of living, the mental strain and social impact of climate change (extreme weather events), ongoing health alerts and the tense, global, geo-political crisis...

People’s anxieties become compounded as they worry about their endangered world and what that means for their future and family. For most of us there is just too much going on in the world to make real sense of it.

We are in uncharted territory at the moment and what's up ahead doesn't look promising.

The big question is how can we sustain the positive and good things about our children and family.

Decades of research show clearly that when children receive behavior focused, emotion-coaching they are healthier and more successful in every way.

Helping all children / youth cope with today and prepare for an uncertain future.
The narrowing window of today’s opportunity to take action in helping our children manage their emotions, behavior and performance is critical and without real action the future could be fairly bleak.

According to a new government sponsored study published Monday in JAMA Pediatrics medical journal there was a 21% increase in children with behavior or conduct problems in the last year.

“Our research highlights a critical need to support both children and their caregivers to improve families’ mental and emotional well-being,” Dr. Michael Warren, a co-author of the study, said in a statement.

The study comes on the heels of a warning last year from the U.S. surgeon general of a growing mental health crisis among young people.


  ‘National Emergency’..A recent National Poll found that: a staggering four out of five young children surveyed say they experienced mental health issues in the last two years; anxiety symptoms were the most common, followed by symptoms of depression and an eating disorder and; a quarter of respondents say they had thought about suicide and 15 per cent attempted self-harm.


How to build a Child Coaching Practice
- where the future has no limits!


Guiding families to get where they want to be

and helping children who they want to be!!




Who this specialist program is for:

You want to launch your OWN profitable family /child coaching business.

You want to add science-based, child coaching skills to your current role, whether as a teacher, a coach, a counsellor, a TA, health professional or something else -including: Child & Youth Care Workers,  Social Workers and Psychologists.

You're a parent/caregiver and want to learn scientifically proven child behavior coaching techniques.

You want to separate yourself from others by gaining the world's highest rating child coach certification.




Course includes 4 primary types of Youth / Child Behavioral Coaching:

Next level enhancement vs Potential fulfilment vs Challenges vs Crisis

Crisis child coaching is designed to help those with more serious issues lead a more normal, productive life or to get back on track. These types of issues might include anxiety, depression, OCDs, moving past neglect/abuse, or going through a personal crisis at home (such as an illness or divorce).

Coaching for Kids Challenges is about overcoming personal development / scholastic road-blocks. It is about building confidence and self-esteem, acquiring new skills, creating more balance and happiness in their lives.

Coaching for Potential fulfilment is about helping children open their minds and reach their fullest potential in what they are doing. It's about helping them get from where they are to where they could be and now want to be and feeling more fulfilled in their lives.

Next Level Kids Coaching is working with well-functioning children (some are already high-achievers) reach new goals and advance to next level performance.

The Bottom line: Youth and kids behavior coaching is all about helping families and children to be successful in what they choose to do and feel good about themselves.

Modern life coaching for kids is about behavioral change, mindset training and proactively developing mental fitness.




The market opportunity in Behavior-based Family / Child Coaching.

Consistently achieving set goals in today's ever challenging world is a must for children today. This special course provides the blueprint and steps how to teach children of all ages to manage their emotions, mindset and thinking at will and be more productive, creative, intuitive, balanced, healthier and happier.. 

Behavior science based coaching backed by clinical research.
The latest science-based, coaching models (from the applied behavioral sciences of neuropsychology and neuroscience) help children reach new change goals and performance levels in a matter of just a few weeks.

For all children
Behavior based coaching is also used to ‘tune’ a child's already highly functioning brain and further power boost their mental skills.

Emotional balance is the key to successful outcomes in all areas of life. Evidence-backed, behavior coaching increases resilience and an individual’s ability to deal with stress. It improves mental clarity, competency, decision making capabilities and focus. Happiness and general health levels are also enhanced. 


  • Increase your confidence and achieve better results working with a wide range of behavioral interventions with children. The Institute's advanced Diploma equips you to use cutting-edge, proven change processes in depth and with the competence required to work either on a remedial basis or with high functioning individuals looking to move to their next level.

  • Upgrade your expertise
    Enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing how to provide world-class coaching services, and from having obtained clinically proven change tools and psychological coaching techniques to help your clients.

  • Amplify your professional credibility
    With increased visibility and use, also comes increased scrutiny. When you carry the Institute's credentials it tells your clients and referral sources that you possess the world's best standard children's behavior change toolkit and a high level of theoretical and practice knowledge far beyond the basic level courses undertaken by other coaches. And, if you are in private practice, it will be easier to get business.










Child & Parents
 Coach Certificate Course



Obtain world recognized Board Accredited Certification.
- ICC Board Accreditation

Board accredited certification demonstrates a coaches expertise in neuro-behavioral coaching for life wellness and peak performance practice. Certification by the world's leading coach accreditation body, the International Coaching Council (ICC) Board, involves confirmation of completing a world-best standard, industry-recognized course that is designed and administered by instructors who are world recognized experts in the field.

Professional Recognition
The accredited, Master Coach and Diploma courses are recognized world-wide plus graduates automatically become members of the International Coaching Council (the world's leading professional coaching accreditation body).








The Institute's Courses are designed to support kids and teens with a range of behavior health needs, so every family can thrive..

  The Desired Future Change Model  
    - Our outcomes speak for themselves
- The courses evidence-based, Behavioral Change Models and Tools deliver lasting, measurable, positive results.
The Course focuses on 6 key areas:
1. First, is understanding the Brain Science (why it works) necessary to practise successfully and educate the parents and children. ie; brain based learning, neuroscience, neuropsychology and how the coaching program will work for them.
2. User-friendly, step-by-step, easy-to-follow Behavior Coaching Process. Course participants learn how to employ the evidence-based, coaching process and design the behavioral coaching steps in a typical session.
3. Neuro-Behavior Change Models and Tools.  -including how to measure/evaluate results..
4. The Application / Intervention. Students are taught how to use the latest Behavioral Models and how to guide a child to easily access their subconscious mind and practice a specific Mental, Emotional, Result benefit they choose to obtain.
5. Students learn how to empower children to SELF-COACH themselves and enrol parents as partner coaches.
6.The Practice. How to establish successful child behavior coaching services ie; a) marketing and selling the service and, b) the client relationship. Note: The 'practice' can also be inside schools, hospitals, for employees in an organization etc.

Course Developer: Dr Perry Zeus

Perry is internationally acknowledged as a pioneer in coaching psychology, a founder of the modern coaching discipline, best-selling author and today’s foremost developer of human behavior coaching change methodology.

  Founder of the world’s first professional coach training school (Behavioral Coaching Institute -1994).
 Author of first book (1998) on the subject of professional coaching (The Complete Guide to Coaching at Work).
 Author of several internationally best-selling books (on personal development and how to build a successful international coaching practice) translated in 12 languages and used by major universities around the world as course text books.
  Acknowledged Father of Behavioral (Change) Coaching.
 International keynote conference speaker.
  Private Advisor to health care bodies and the government and private educational sector.





Advanced DIPLOMA Course in Kids / Youth Behavior Coaching
   - Receive "Dip. Behavior." Letters after your name!




  MASTER Certified Behavior Coach Course in Kids / Youth Coaching
     - Receive "M.C.C. Behavior." Letters after your name!





  The emergence of neuroscience and new cognitive (way we think) therapies is generating a new, highly skilled breed of kids coaches. Today's breakthrough brain-mind-body science is providing next-generation coaching models of change and tools that deliver unmatched results.  










  Accelerated Transformational Development.
Using the Institute's Health & Applied Science School's proprietary Neuro-Behavioral Change Models students learn how to guide their clients on the path to releasing their potential and become who want to be.

Note: Includes High Performance Coaching which safely, easily and quickly guides the child how to use more optimally functioning brainwave patterns -that emanate from the misplaced parts of their higher performing self.

This comprehensive Program combines the latest, behavior change methodology into a flexible learning and reference system that also contains easy-to-follow, case-studies and skill application notes to help design intervention plans to fit a child’s needs.

The program manuals provide clear step-by-step instructions, activities, example scripts, time-saving tips, forms, client explanatory handouts and practice worksheets for sessional work with children and their parents/caregivers.

Plus Video Catalogue of practical sessions, discussion and analysis with world leading behavior change experts and practitioners.

LEVEL 1. Master Certified Child Coach Certification:

The SKILLS required to be a Master Certified Coach
→ Professional Coaching
→ Coaching young children
→ Coaching teens / youth
→ Parent Training and Coaching
→ Family Coaching
→ Individual versus Group Coaching
→ Becoming a Behavioral Change Agent
→ Some Core Identities and Competencies of the Behavioral Master Coach
→ Your Coaching Style
→ Planning the Coaching Session
→ Dialogue, Questioning and Listening Skills
→ Establishing an environment of Trust
→ Dealing with Transference and Counter-transference
→ Skills Coaching Model
→ Behavioral Coaching Structure and Program Map
→ The Behavioral intervention CYCLE
→ Types of Evaluation
→ Follow-up
Steps to building a Kids Coaching Program for an individual, family or group.
Steps to building a Corporate In-House Parenting Support Coaching Program.

The Models and Tools underlying Science -Why it works!
→ Neuropsychology and the Brain
→ Achieving, sustainable, desirable Healthy Change
→ Building the Neuropsychological Change Bridge
→ Managing the Fear of Change
→ Building towards SELF-Integration
→ The Study of Personality
→ Personality Development
→ Function of Behavior
→ The evolution of the Brain
→ The Brain's Limbic System
→ How to establish new cells in the Brain
→ High Performance Brain Training
→ How to coach children to function in a zone of optimal well-being
→ How to replace negative, repressed Emotions
→ How to achieve Emotional Competence
→ How to release entrapped Energy in the Body
→ Heart and Brain relationship
→ Managing Emotions and Feelings
→ Health and individual performance
→ How to establish an enhanced Mental Fitness Program
→ Body and Brain connection
→ The Need to use the Observer-Self
→ Deliberative Thinking and Witnessing Awareness
→ Changing Brain through Meditation and Mindfulness
→ Mindfulness and Positive Psychology
→ Difficulty of Changing Beliefs
→ Cognitive Restructuring
→ How to Anchor States of Mind
→ Becoming a Child Development Change Agent.
→ How to build and manage a thriving practice.


LEVEL 2. Diploma in Child Behavioral Coaching:
The Coaching Framework, Change Models, Neuro X-ercises and Case Studies
Wellness, Child Development Psychology
→ Biohacking
→ Desired Future Change Model
→ How to build Emotional Fitness Programs for all
How to change our brain to become who you want to be
→ How to fulfil our Potential
→ How to replace Fearful, Negative Emotions
→ Optimum Wellbeing Coaching -Boosting health & productivity
→ How to use advanced Visualization techniques to build a healthier, brighter future
Working with Energy Renewal, Stress and Pain
How to help children overcome Anxiety
- the most destabilizing, negative force.
How to enhance Intuition
- the key intelligence factor for great success
How to work with the Past Self & Present Self to build a better tomorrow
How to help children attain true self-realization
   -"the secret of our life."

How to build Strong Neural Pathways
   - the key to increasing Critical Thinking Skills and Intelligence

How to increase mental acuity, IQ and EQ
→ Consciousness is in the Driver’s Seat
→ Methods of altering Consciousness


  • proven marketing strategies (for practices and in-house programs)
    - reference materials (important case studies, articles, papers) 
    - practice guides, study materials and resource listings

  • Specialties and how to find yours

  • Developing a Practice Philosophy

  • Why you don't necessarily need university degrees in psychology, counselling or medicine

  • How to build a successful practice using the telehealth (video) service delivery model

  • How to use foundation seminars and workshops

  • How to respond to the most common client situations

  • How to refer clients to specialist medical and psychological practitioners if need be

  • How to establish commitment, trust and intimacy with your clients

  • Drafting and Proposing the Contract of Services

  • Preparing efficient and effective results based sessions

  • How to design, implement and measure successful programs

  • How to prepare, design and conduct a coaching session

  • Starting the Session

  • Do’s and Don’ts

  • The structure of the client conversation

  • How to develop your Practitioner Style with your clients

  • Producing Measurable Results and How to measure the results

  • ...and Guide Notes, Case Studies, Example Interventions and Exercises..

LEVEL 3. Dual Certificate Course -combines content of above 2 Courses.

  Special Level 3 BONUS. If offered a place, you will also receive, at no extra cost, the additional Professional Business Practice Coach Toolkit and Resources Library (over 300 pages).
Value $us1,295.00

CHILD LIFE COACHING (aged 6 to 24 and parent coaching -in-person or virtual coaching).
The Child Life Coach teaches parents how to co-coach children / teens.
- Includes 4 primary types of Child Behavior / Personal Development: Next level enhancement vs Potential fulfilment vs Challenges vs Crisis

Child Life Coaching
The role of the parent has become even more demanding in today’s challenging, new world environment– as has growing up in it. Child life coaches support and work alongside parents or caregivers helping children reach goals and solve problems. The child life coach also support parents in enabling their children to learn important behavioral health and life skills.

Youth life coaching.
A coaching sub-discipline working with emerging adults (young people).
- Child life coaching in this area can be highly beneficial to any young person’s academic work and general satisfaction with life.
- Child Life Coaching can help highly functional and troubled teens alike increase their productivity and enhance the quality of their student and social life.
- Child Life Coaching can also promote mental wellbeing in troubled youth and help them learn how to manage difficult issues they are battling.

Parent training
Around age six, children can talk to a coach one-on-one, but family is still very involved. At older ages, sessions can be private, but parents still receive advice on how to support their child.

‘Parent training’ includes the child coach also taking on the role as the family coach adopting the role of a teacher and instructing family members how to co-partner management of intervention strategies. The relationship between the family coach and family members is a supportive instructor–learner interaction.

The integration of parents of infants and young children as active participants in the intervention process, namely in goal setting, intervention planning, implementation, and evaluation, is associated with better outcome for the child and family.








Course Graduates can also apply for
 an exclusive License to teach our course in their region.







       Course Application


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Registered as an Education provider from the State Board of Behavioral Sciences, California.
Founding Board Member of International Coaching Council



Note: The Behavioral Coaching Institute courses focuses on the fields of life wellness coaching. Only a appropriately-credentialed health care professional should work on medical or psychological disorders. Any of our course graduates practice independently from our Institute. The Institute does provide any warranty or promises on our graduates services. The Institute does not itself provide behavioral health professional or other healthcare provider services.

2024 Behavioral Coaching Institute. Graduate School of Health & Applied Science
Disclaimer: This coaching children certificate is an educational program - not a licensing program. Successful completion is based on completion of required course material and exercises. Those who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate confirming such. Successful completion does imply the meeting any of country or state licensing or regulatory requirements and does not entail any special status, rights, duties, or privileges.

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